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Michelle Allen

Clinical Mental Health Counselor




Soul food, soul-mate, old soul, soul music, soul sister, all describe connections to our inner psyche with people and objects in our everyday life. 


When I was getting my undergraduate degree, I was asked to participate in a research study.  The study consisted of taking a survey and answering questions about whether or not, the participant believed in the concept of a soul. The survey was worded to have the participant question the belief that humans have souls.  After all, science hasn't been able to verify its existence. 


Honestly, I don't know where in our body the "soul" resides, or if it is just a metaphor.  Either way, it's a good metaphor. A metaphor that tells us that there is a connection that gives life to the body.  Hope is another concept that cannot be seen, or tested.  However, hope is extremely important in helping us move forward and helps give life to the soul


Just in case you were curious, I do believe in the concept of the soul. Which is why I purposefully spelled solutions - SOULutions.  It is through our soul that we learn and gain a better understanding of who we are and what brings us happiness.

As a licensed clinical therapist, my approach to counseling is to look at the WHOLE person, mind, body and soul in order to help facilitate change.


I enjoy working with all ages of clients. I specialize in helping clients find hope, gain a better perspective on life circumstances and stressors, change some unwanted thoughts and behaviors, and to find inner peace and happiness.


I understand that coming to therapy can be intimidating to some.  My goal is to provide a safe and caring environment.  I see my role as a teacher, friend, and equal partner in helping clients heal from emotional pain.

I have been told that my calm demeanor and non-judgmental stance, brings a sense of calmness to each session.  I bring a variety of different approaches to therapy sessions, based on the goals set with my clients.


I am excited to announce the opening of my new office at Station Park, on April 27, 2015.  This ideal location, allows parents to take a walk, rest by the fountains, do a little shopping, all while their child and I work on some goals.

It's also a great place for adults to enjoy the ambience and amenities at Station Park, before or after a session.



Our attention to service and quality has made us an industry leader. At our company, the client always comes first, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations.


Want to schedule an appointment for yourself, or child?  Call us at  801-499-7133, or click on the calendar tab and schedule an appointment.  For your convenience, intake assessment forms can be printed and completed prior to your first visit. 

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